The purpose of this page

Hello visitor and be welcome to this website, we are a group of people who have decided to create this website with the purpose of revealing the complete crazy but true story of defamation and slander that Mr. Hidgi Chuan has been suffering since he decided to help a friend of his. 

We want to explain the complete truth because since Mr. Hidgi Chuan decided to help his friend J. S. , he has been the target of a complete story of defamation through the internet. 

What happended? How is it possible that someone is a target of slander and defamation “just” for helping a friend? Who is the bad guy?

The bad guy is a man called Franz de Bÿl, the crazy ex-boyfriend of Susan who was crazy enough to be physically violent with women and with Susan (who was her girlfriend in the past), to go completely mad and sick and rape her and threat her of being even more violent with her. And to go completely nuts against Mr. Hidgi Chuan, inventing a complete bunch of lies on the internet, when he knew that Susan was receiving his help to escape that hell.

Discover the complete truth in blog. 

We are a group of people who decided to react in front of this injustice. We know Mr. Hidgi Chuan from different areas where we followed him or met him, and due to this unbelievable story we united to create this blog and spread the truth. We are against the injustice and the hatred. And this case is a clear demonstration of them.

And after reading what is the true story, please share it and help us to spread it. Everyone who believes in the power the justice and equality, please, help us to spread the truth. 

Thank you very much.