The true Story of the defamation

The true story starts in a toxic and sick relationship between a man and a woman. The man, Franz de Bÿl, an underground musician from Berlin; the woman, Susan. (for security reasons we can’t give her name nor other private details, just keep reading).

After a live of degeneration and self-degradation Franz de Bÿl becomes an unbalanced and mentally ill person who finds his refuge in the music. The alcohol and drug abuse, the bad companies and the need of survival creates an escalation of several mistakes in his life that he needs to hide in the shadow to be accepted to the places where he plays his music and to be bearable by the few people around him.

Behind a mask of “the bohemian musician” he talks to the people with the hope of trapping any naive person, woman and girls preferably, with the aim in sucking their money and to have some sexual pleasure.

That’s how the story starts, our friend Susan was a naive woman who believed the lies and the mask of Franz de Bÿl, who convinced her with the mask of the music. They started to be a couple in a “romantic” relationship, but soon she started to notice weird things in the behavior of him. When she wanted to inquire more he started to react negatively and close the topic more and more times.

After those episodes, she, lost, did not know what to do. So she tried to inquire more about him, and tried to help him, to be out of the drugs, of the alcohol and everything else. Franz reacted in a very violent way and started to be more aggressive with her, the screaming and shouting started and very soon he started to be physically violent with her. She was even more lost and, being a victim of the panic, she did not know how to react. Until one day he raped her.

From that event her life and point of view changed and she decided to react, but this decision did not come alone by herself, she was being helped by a committed psychologist and friend, Mr. Hidgi Chuan, who helped Susan to manage better some aspects of her life.

With the help of Hidgi Chuan, Susan could realize that what she believed was a romantic relationship with her boyfriend was, in deed, a complete hell of sickness and toxicity, where he was punishing her, abusing from her, trying to steal money and afterwards manipulating her to make her believe everything was fine. That was the work of Franz de Bÿl.

After being totally traumatized and unable to react, Susan, with the courage that Hidgi Chuan helped her to have, broke up by her own decision with her sick ex-boyfriend Franz de Bÿl. And made a complaint in justice for the domestic violence and rape episodes.

Once Franz felt the renovated courage of her ex-girlfriend he turned all his anger and madness towards Mr. Hidgi Chuan. He did it by creating several websites where he accused Mr. Hidgi Chuan of horrible crimes without any demonstration, just to hurt the public image of him. Franz knew that Mr. Hidgi Chuan is known in the internet and tried to defame against him.

The reaction of Mr. Hidgi Chuan was clean, and the German justice asked Franz de Bÿl to remove those calumnies and shut down the websites. He even got a big fine from the justice. After that, he created anonymous websites, even impersonating Mr. Hidgi Chuan, to go on in his craziness. Franz was even under the threat of the German law to go to jail, but in his mental illness he only follows his anger, because his plans of abusing Susan where interrupted. He is even creating anonymous websites where he is insulting repeatedly Mr. Hidgi Chuan, covering himself behind the mask of the internet, simply pathetic.

Nowadays the fight goes on, we all keep fighting to reveal the truth of this situation, and we know that,even if it takes time, the justice will be winning sooner or later.

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