Who is Hidgi Chuan?

Hidgi Chuan is a Shaolin master and martial arts teacher, who also has official degrees in Psychology and Osteopathy, and has been involved in several and many humanitarian actions, which had made of him a social and peace activist.

Hidgi Chuan has a long career in the field of the Martial Arts. He was the youngest black belt in Karate Shotokan when he was 16 years old, in the decade of the 60’s, and since then he has accumulated a lot of knowledge in several disciplines, mastering them, earning black belts and the following Dans (levels afterthe black belt). Among those disciplines there are Karate-do Shotokan, Karate-do Shotokai, Aïkido, Yaido, Jô-do, and Shaolin Kung-fu. In total he accumulates more than 30 Dans with all the disciplines he did.

In the field of the Psychology he has been exerting and practicing for more than 35 years. In his last long period in Berlin he has focused his efforts in different kinds of cases: marital problems, children with emotional problems, domestic violence, alcoholics and drug abuse, victims of perverse narcissism, former victims of abuse in the childhood, and etc.

Last but not least, in the field of humanitarian help and social activism, has been leading and carrying out big actions to help the refugees in Berlin (see the refugees camp that where in Oranienplatz, Berlin 2014), coordinating and leading actions to help young girls forced to be prostitutes in Romania, also actions to help refugees in different parts of Europe. He has been involved in the defense of the human rights, encouraging and promoting the vegetarianism and veganism, and revealing scammers around the movement of “professional healers” and the “breatharianism” (people who claimed being able to teach people to eat the light of the Sun, and not to eat food anymore) revealing even the death of students due to the irresponsibility of the so called “teachers“.

He has been the victim of a crazy campaign of defamation on the internet, because he helped a woman to escape the horrible hell of domestic violence and raping with her crazy boyfriend (ex-boyfriend nowadays) Franz de Bÿl. Who directed all his anger and craziness against him when the girlfriend (Susan) had enough courage to follow the advice of Mr. Hidgi Chuan and broke up that dark and disgusting relation. Franz de Bÿl created defamation websites against Mr. Chuan and, after complaints and investigation, was forced by the law to remove the websites and to pay a big fine. Now he created anonymous websites, and even impersonating Mr. Hidgi Chuan to puke his anger against him. (Check our page: Who is Franz de Bÿl?)

Nowadays Mr. Hidgi Chuan and a group of friends fight to make the law and the justice to be effective against the crimes of this unbalanced person, Franz de Bÿl, who is still resented because he lost his victim ex-girlfriend Susan.

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