Who is Franz de Bÿl?

Franz de Bÿl is mentally unbalanced and ruined person, who is officially known in Berlin as a guitarist, another musician trying to survive in the big music movement of Berlin.

Under the stylish cover of the bohemian musician, Franz de Bÿl hides a complete destroyed and sick life. Unfortunately we had the chance to discover this dark and hidden side of him because he was the boyfriend of a friend of us, Susan (for security reasons we will not post her complete name).

Franz de Bÿl is a broke man, he barely survives with what he gets from the government, being a parasite of the system, and misusing the goods he receives in alcohol, drugs, and a bit of food. He has a small and dirty flat, and many times he had to face complaints of the neighbors because of noise, parties and the unpleasant smell coming from his apartment.

With his problems of alcohol and drug abuse he had been involved in dirty stuff, like molesting young girls, sexual harassment, domestic violence and rape. For this last elements he was accused by the German laws and there a cases in justice in Germany against him.

We had witnesses of his unbalanced behavior in some of his concerts and gigs, where people started to complain to the owner of the bar, and even some spectators left the place disgusted.

Another symptom of his mental illness: when Franz de Bÿl knew that his girlfriend of that time, Susan (and now ex-girlfriend) was being helped to realize about the dark hole where Franz was trapping her. Franz, totally crazy, started to threat her and also the friends, he tried to be physically violent, and as he is completely insane by his sick life he started to create websites to defame against the main person who was helping the girlfriend. (Susan), his friend Mr. Hidgi Chuan.

Franz de Bÿl created defamation websites against Mr. Chuan and, after complaints and investigation, was forced by the law to remove the websites and to pay a big fine. Now he created anonymous websites, and even impersonating Mr. Hidgi Chuan to puke his anger against him. 

Some of those websites had been already closed by the German law. Clearly those websites where just a manifestation of his anger and craziness. Inventing surrealistic stories against the friends of Susan and against,specially, Mr. Hidgi Chuan. Some others are still on the process of being closed, unfortunately the law is not always as quick as we would like it to be.

Franz de Bÿl had to face a big fine for defamation for his sick websites, but he still insisted on the internet and in front of the judge!!! That he was the victim of a plot against him, revealing his mental disorder more any more. He even faced the possibility of being imprisoned and he kept insisting on his invented story, absolutely sick!

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